Hepp House


Our apartment warm-heartedly welcomes all guests who would like to relax, recreate and wishing to participate in a spa therapy, near the Spa of Harkány (Harkányi Gyógyfürdő) in a pleasant, peaceful atmosphere.
The location of the apartment:
The apartment house is situated in Harkány, in the south of Hungary, Baranya county, 8 kilometres from the Croatian border.
The Hepp House/Apartment can be found in the centre of the spa district, in a calming green belt, 300 metres from the Spa of Harkány.
The clean, quality air along with the beautiful environment, the Mediterranean-influenced microclimate and the numerous sights all attract the nature-loving, visitors seeking rest and relaxation.
The lodge(ment):
The apartment house has three floors and can accommodate 15 guests in 3 double-bed and 3 triple-bed rooms. The house’s middle and upper floors can be used by guests. The Hepp House/Apartment provides all its guests with (both time- and data-wise) unlimited internet access, each bedroom has its own TV set and bathroom/shower. On the medium floor, the 2 double-bed and the 2 triple-bed rooms have their own private kitchen/dining room, too. The 2 double-bed rooms have their own balcony, too.
Why choose the Hepp-house/apartment when considering the perfect lodge(ment)?
-         The house is really close to the Spa of Harkány.
-         The Spa of Harkány provides possibilities not only for those on a spa therapy, but also for families as everything can be found from the child’s pool to the wellness services. The services of the Spa can be used at a discount price in case of a medical prescription given by the GP (General Physician).
-         The Hepp-house/apartment is the ideal choice for a lodge(ment) not only for families, but also an excellent solution for friends and colleagues.
-         Our guests can relax in a familiar, home-like, friendly atmosphere.
-         Harkány and the surrounding villages, towns all provide great possibilities for the guests seeking opportunities of going out, or hiking. Such are opportunities are the wine trip, visiting the Castle of Siklós, the Harvest and the Wine Festival of Villány etc. The town of Harkány expects its lodgers, guests and all visitors with rich and exciting cultural events.
-         The town of Pécs, which has gained the title “European Capital of Culture” in 2010, is also nearby, similarly to the Mecsek Extreme Theme Park, the Zoo of Pécs, the Karst Caves of Abaliget (with marvellous dripstones, stalagmites and stalactites), the Lake of Orfű village and its Spa, along with the Spa of Siklós town. There is also a possibility of sailing the River Drava/Drave.
-         In case of any need, our guesthouse can organise a wine tour with tasting famous, quality wines in traditional a wine cellar in Villány.
-         Parking is free in the front garden and in front of the Hepp House/Apartment.
-         The apartments are well-equipped to withstand winter weather therefore we accept our guest throughout the whole year.
-         Our apartment also accepts holiday tickets Széchenyi Card as payment.
The spa and open-air swimming pool of Harkány:
The spa helps guests recover by the aid of its 34-38 degrees Celsius thermal water. “The hot springs at Harkány unique in Europe bubble up from the ground from a depth of 50–70 metres, at an average temperature of 62oC Its mineral content is more than 1000 miligrams per litre. The most valuable component from a medicinal point of view is a compound having bivalent sulphur, carbon sulphide (COS), which, as a gas, is in solution and under pressure in the water. When the water comes to the surface, the gas is released from under the pressure and immediately begins todecompose, it turns into hydrogen sulphide gas, which is responsible for the characteristic odour.
In a side-light, the precipitated tiny grains of elementary sulphur can be plainly observed in the ponds. Approximately 12 mg carbon sulphide can be found in 1 litre of water. By the way, this compound had not been known before, it was discovered here during the chemical analysis of the water in the 1860s. It is very actively absorbed both through the skin and via breathing: its absorption is 150 times as effective as that of tetravalent sulphuric compounds (sulphates).      
In our bodies, the bivalent sulphuric atoms are important components of the organic molecules making up the articular cartilage. 90 per cent of patients complaining of a locomotor disorder, suffer from degenerative spinal and articular conditions. First of all, the joints bearing the greatest load: the glassy cartilage in the hips, knees, and ankles get damaged. The mechanical overload (as, for example, in case of an overweight body) is manifest in increased clinical symptoms, such as swelling, pain, difficulty of locomotion. The sulphur getting into the system – which is demonstrably well metabolized – has an important role in the re-composition of the organic compounds making up the cartilage. That is the chemical effect of the medicinal water. Beyond that, the buoyancy in the water, the hydrostatic pressure – through which the weight of the body decreases and the load on the joints is also less – the hydrodynamic effect, and the thermal effect also have roles in the healing power.
But sufferers from chronic gynaecological inflammations also get healed here. According to earlier studies, 30 per cent of sterile woman treated here got later pregnant.”
 (From: http://www.harkanyfurdo.hu )